Saturday, August 22, 2009

Homeschool Centers

Since starting on the Sue Patrick's Workbox System adventure, I also decided to get more organized and to set up "centers". I don't have the room to set up table centers, but I do have room to set up a center on 1 counter in our kitchen and another at a small table in the family room. I decided to rework 2 messy school shelves (1 shown above), and make them "center" centers! I used cheap washtubs from the dollar store ($1 each for all my storage needs!) and set up tubs. Just pull the tub of choice and set it up in an available spot. The 2 thin turquoise tubs hold file folder games and ringbooks. I am not finished yet, but here is the list of things in them or going to be in them. Yes, that is a MOTH schedule on the bulletin board. Happy Homeschooling!

Math Center
· Magnetic numbers and math symbols
· Math puzzles
· Clocks
· Rulers
· Compass and protractor
· Measuring spoons and cups
· Thermometer
· Flashcards
· Ringbooks
· Grid paper
· Hundreds chart
· Scale
· Weights
· Counters
· Geoboard and rubberbands
· Pattern blocks
· Tangrams
· Dice
· Calculator

Science Center
· Science puzzles
· Hourglass
· Microscope and slides
· Small pitcher
· Plastic bottles
· Magnets
· Magnifying glass
· Prism
· Measuring cups and spoons
· Beakers and flasks
· Scale
· Hotplate
· Droppers
· Tweezers
· Bug jar
· Aquarium
· Thermometer
· Seeds
· Soil
· Sand and Gravel
· One Small Square books by Donald Silver
· Periodic Table Guide
· Book-Food and Nutrition for Every Kid
· Book-DK Ultimate Visual Dictionary of Science
· Related books/video/resources

History Center
· Maps
· Globe
· U.S. Presidents flashcards
· Timeline
· Paper dolls
· The Constitution of the U.S. pocket guide
· A Child’s History of the World
· God and Government-Vol. 1, 2, & 3
· The Kingfisher History Encyclopedia
· The Timetables of History
· World map puzzle
· U.S. map puzzle
· Travel brochures
· Related books/videos/resources

Phonics Center
· Magnetic Letters
· HWT Stamp and See Screen
· HWT Alphabet Dough Cards and Tray
· HWT Dough
· HWT Wood pieces for capital letters
· HWT Capital letter cards
· HWT Foam mat
· HWT Small chalkboard and chalk
· Build a Word Wooden Puzzles
· Lap Computers
· Leapfrog items
· Wipe-off books
· Ringbooks
· Flashcards

Reading Center
· CD/Tape Player and headphones
· Books on Tape/CD
· Lantern
· Leapfrog items
· Books
· Magazines
· Newspapers
· Comic books
· Victory Drill Book
· Graded readers

Language Arts Center
· Dictionary
· Thesaurus
· Notebook paper
· Pencils/pens
· Envelopes
· Crossword books
· Word search books
· Tapestry of Grace Writing Aids
· Rummy Roots Vocabulary Cards
· Madlibs

Creativity Center
· Homemade dough
· Construction paper
· White paper
· Yarn
· Watercolors
· Chalk
· Paperdolls
· Art kits
· Glue
· Glitter
· Scissors
· Stencils
· Tempera paint
· Pipe cleaners
· Tissue paper
· Beads
· Colored noodles/rice
· Whiteboards and markers
· Coloring books
· Crayons
· Colored pencils
· Art aprons

Construction Center
· Legos
· Duplos
· Wood blocks
· Tree blocks
· K’Nex
· Lincoln Logs
· Tinker Toys
· Wooden trains
· Matchbox cars
· Small people
· Small animals
· Lacing activities

Puzzle Center
· Puzzles-all shapes and sizes!


  1. Looks like so much fun! Blessings!

  2. Look at you! You have been busy!! I LOVE IT! I am actually planning on posting on our "centers" soon. :) GREAT JOB!

  3. So I see this is from the beginning of last year. How did it go. I have been wanting to do something like this, moved recently and have more room....but all my stuff is such a mess. I feel like I have a plan. Please share what you learned if you get a chance. Crissy jarmon

  4. Crissy, it has been working great! The only downside is having open tubs like that leave it open to little hands. I have to straighten everything in the isn't hard or time consuming, but that would be the downside. The upside is that when the children are working on a certain subject, they have a tub they can set beside them with reference material and equipment at hand. It has cut down on the "searching" we have needed to do.

  5. Thank you for listing all of your center ideas! I am setting up our workboxes for this fall. I got the book and started the system half way through last year. My oldest was kindergarten and I did it on the cheap and simple and just set out work on the floor along the wall with 'stickies' numbering it all above. LOL! It worked well as I didn't have a toddler or baby to get in to it. this year I have the shelves and boxes and will laminate all the numbers and cards, etc. I will have a kinder and a 1st grader this fall and I'm thinking this will help so much in keeping us all on track! Thanks again.